Reduction of C02 - Energy Saving - Profitable Investment

Laudati system® is a company that has spent 25 years working nationally and internationally to develop means to achieve energy savings and a reduction in pollution. Our products include heat recovery Air/Air, Heat recovery Air/Water gas generators green smoke and electrostatic filters fumes. Our facilities are in the business of textile, plastics, food and boxes, any type of oven give off heat to the atmosphere can be recovered.

With these systems our customers can get:

Recover between 50% or 60% of the totally clean gases, reducing pollution to 40% and increased production from 5% to 10%.

Filtration of the fumes reaching 99% of cleaning by our electrostatic filters fumes.

Increased production of 20% - 50% and a reduction of the current fuel consumption of 15% - 20% with our ecological heat generators. uses cookies to enhance the user experience. If you're navigating our website we consider that you accept it.More information.